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姉妹都市グレシャム市から訪問団が来江しました。 Sister City Delegation from Gresham Visited Ebetsu

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米国オレゴン州グレシャム市からの訪問団 Delegation from Gresham, Oregon, USA













A delegation of 10 people, including Mayor Travis Stovall, visited Ebetsu from our sister city of Gresham, Oregon, USA. The delegation stayed in Ebetsu from Thursday, October 12 until Monday, October 16. They also paid a visit to their sister city in South Korea, Sokcho. This is the first time a sister city delegation has visited Ebetsu since the 40th sister city anniversary six years ago.

On the evening of the 12th, the delegation visited ËBRI. They went shopping at Antenna Shop GET’S and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Bistro Edona.

Friday the 13th was a busy day! First, the delegation visited the Ebetsu City Hall. As soon as they stepped off the bus, about 100 city employees welcomed them warmly with a round of applause. They visited the mayor of Ebetsu in his office on the second floor. It was the first time for the mayors to meet since each of them took office. They were all smiles as they shared about their respective cities.  

After the meeting with the mayor, the delegation went up to the third floor to look at the Ebetsu City Council Chamber. The delegation members were in awe of the chamber’s beauty, and wished that they had such a chamber in Gresham.

Next, there was an opinion exchange meeting between economic organizations. They had a deep and fascinating discussion about industry and the economic climate of both cities.

After lunch, the delegation visited two local companies. The first was Yonezawa Brick. The delegation learned all about the history of brick in Ebetsu, the steps of brick production, and the various benefits of brick. They even peeked inside the kiln and felt the heat firsthand.

The second company was Ichimura, which produces the chairs and desks for all of the schoolchildren of Ebetsu. The delegation was moved by the care and attention to detail being put into each piece.

Between company visits, the delegation took a coffee break at the Sapporo Coffee Kan Rinboku café.

On Friday evening, the Ebetsu Sister City Committee held a welcome reception for the delegation. There were speeches from representatives of both cities, a commemorative gift exchange, a wadaiko Japanese drum performance, and many other events to deepen exchange between our two cities. The delegation tried their hand at Japanese drumming, and the venue was filled with a sense of unity and excitement. After the reception, some members of the delegation enjoyed further exchange with reception guests through karaoke.

On Saturday, October 14, the delegation participated in a ceramic art experience at the Ceramic Art Center. Delegation members made their own one-of-a-kind plate. The finished products will be mailed to Gresham in time for Christmas.

On Sunday, October 15, the delegation participated in the 2023 Ebetsu World Fest. They showed off their kimono on stage, and handed out chocolate to the audience. They also tried some world food, and even experienced a Japanese tea ceremony. “It’s very good,” everyone said about the tea and sweets. The delegation then screamed their way through the haunted house. They enjoyed the stage performances and interacting with Ebetsu citizens.

On Monday, October 16, it was time to say goodbye. With hugs and smiles, the delegation expressed their love of Ebetsu and their desire to visit again someday. Through this visit, our two cities grew even closer.

The next delegation is scheduled for 2027, which will mark the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship.

写真 Pictures

10月12日(木曜日) Thursday, 10/12


新千歳空港 New Chitose Airport


アンテナショップGET'S Antenna Shop GET'S


ビストロエドナ Bistro Edona

10月13日(金曜日) Friday, 10/13


市長表敬訪問 Mayor Visit


後藤好人市長とトラヴィス・ストヴァール市長 Mayor Yoshihito Goto and Mayor Travis Stovall


議場見学 City Council Chamber


経済団体等との意見交換会 Opinion Exchange Meeting between Economic Organizations


米澤煉瓦株式会社 Yonezawa Brick


サッポロ珈琲館【Rinboku】 Sapporo Coffee Kan Rinboku


株式会社イチムラ Ichimura


歓迎交流会にて記念品贈呈 Commemorative Gift Exchange at the Welcome Reception


和太鼓体験 Wadaiko

10月14日(土曜日) Saturday, 10/14

Ceramic Art Center

陶芸体験 Making Ceramic Art

Ceramic Art Center 2

セラミックアートセンター Ceramic Art Center

10月15日(日曜日) Sunday, 10/15


「みんなおいでよ!2023江別‘世界市民’の集い」 2023 Ebetsu World Fest


世界の料理 Enjoying World Food


茶道 Tea Ceremony

10月16日(月曜日) Monday, 10/16


見送り Farewell!